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10 Best Paid Survey Sites in 2022

Want to earn some real money in your spare time? Looking for some easy ways to manage your teeny tiny expenses?

Well, if Yes, then earning through paid survey sites by just giving your Opinions might be the best idea. Sounds good!

Not all countries allow all survey sites such as Google Opinion Rewards in the nation. So it is essential to look out for yourself if a particular survey site or application is available in your country.

The top survey websites offer several ways to make money by giving your opinions. Some sites offer points you can redeem for gift cards. Other surveys pay you in cash through third-party services like PayPal.

So, if you like getting paid for sharing your opinions, you need to find some legit sites that pay you for real. Don’t worry; here we’ve brought some of the best survey sites of 2022 that pay you for sharing your opinions.

  • FREECASH:- Free cash is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site that partners with some of the best offer wall and market research companies and provides you with the best offers and surveys. You can earn coins by participating in such offers or surveys. These coins can be used for gift cards, cryptocurrencies, and much more.

It also has a leader board contest. You can climb up the leader board by completing surveys and being active.

  • SWAGBUCKS:- Swagbucks is another one of the best survey sites. They offer many ways to earn such as surfing, watching videos, playing games and shopping. Members have earned more than $470 million in rewards!

It also has mobile applications on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The payout threshold varies from nation to nation.

  • PRIZEREBEL:- PrizeRebel is another of the best survey websites this year. This site has been going strong for the last 15 years and has over 12 million members. It has paid out over $20 million as a reward to the members.

 There are various ways to earn in PrizeRebel, such as paid offers, referring to friends, watching videos, etc. There are also membership levels that provide you with different great bonuses.

You can withdraw the money as gift cards or directly in your PayPal account. You can choose PlayStation and Nintendo Gift cards as well.

This Payout threshold is around $5.

  • BRANDED SURVEYS:- Branded Surveys is a site that provides you with some reasonable offers and surveys to earn a pretty good amount of money. It also has membership levels, so you can get to a higher membership level if you be continuously active. So, you will get bonus credit every time you complete a survey which means you’ll be getting more money. 

You might face the only issue if you’re not a resident of the USA, UK, or Canada. Unfortunately, this site is only available for these three countries till now.

The threshold limit is lower than ever at $5. It also provides various options to cash out your earnings.

  • YSENSE:- Ysense offers different types of services. You can get paid for trying new products & services, downloading apps, signing up for websites, watching videos, etc. 

Even though the number of services you get varies from country to country and you won’t qualify for every service.

You can also earn by referring to friends as a signup commission. You will also earn up to 30% of the amount your referrals earn.

The minimum Payout Threshold is $5.

  • TRIABA:- Triaba pays you quite decently for the surveys. The amount you earn will again depend on the country you are in. You can visit their site to check if your country is mentioned.

It has a specific survey panel for a lot of different countries. Since some particular survey panels are hard to find otherwise, Triaba has made it easy by providing the various panels in their site itself. 

Most countries payout via PayPal, but it also depends on the nation.

The minimum payout threshold also depends on the nation ranging from $5 – $10 depending on the payout method.

  • UNIVOX COMMUNITY:- Univox Community is a great survey site. It also has an application that makes it easier to use. You can join from various, around 40+, different countries. Exactly which countries are they looking forward to for new members will depend upon the time? You can visit their website and see members from which country they are currently looking for. 

They pay pretty well for the surveys, and you can earn more with time. They also give a joining bonus of around $2 after filling up your details. So, it’s a great head start.

The minimum payout threshold is $10.

  • OPINION PIONEER:- Opinion Pioneer is one of the brand new survey sites recently launched. They have some outstanding user-friendly aspects. 

It gives you great rewards for the surveys you complete. But even if you don’t qualify for the surveys, you still get some points.

The payout threshold is $10, which you will surely earn in a significantly less period.

The payout method is currently via PayPal. However, they might be looking forward to adding new approaches to it.

You can join from almost all countries, but you won’t be getting many surveys in a few countries. But you can always invite people from other countries.

This site is an excellent choice for the people who live in most English-speaking nations, European nations, and some Asian countries. You can also find many surveys from the UAE and Russia.

  • TOLUNA INFLUENCERS:- Toluna has over 20 million users worldwide.

Since it is available almost everywhere, it is among the best legit paid survey sites. It also has an application that is easy to use.

Also, Its SMS Surveys allow users to take surveys for money from their smartphones.

The average payout per survey is around $1 – $5.

Each survey takes around 15 minutes to complete. It gives you a chance to earn about $300.

The payout methods are cash via PayPal or different gift cards. The techniques also depend on the nation you are doing the surveys from.

The minimum threshold amount is $10.

  • SURVEYTIME:- Surveytime pays you instantly with around $1 for every survey you complete.

It is one of the fastest-paying survey sites.

They give the option of cashout through different means. For example, the possibilities are Amazon, Paypal, Target, and Decathlon in the US.

They also have an application in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


There you have it! We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the best survey websites this year. Among the 10 Survey Sites mentioned above, you can choose any of them to create a small amount of income for your pocket money. You can also signup for several of them if you can manage the time, so you have a constant flow of paid surveys to take.

The best part is you can earn money via your smartphone anywhere and anytime the surveys are available.

But remember, these survey sites are meant only for giving you a small amount of money and not making a full-time career out of it.

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