Top Technology Influencers and Technology Bloggers in Delhi

Top-notch IT companies surround Delhi – heaven for every influencer with its flawless reach and connectivity. The city is the soul of India and lives in it the top technology bloggers constantly contributing in bulky parts towards digitalizing our nation.

Not everyone is a tech freak, but the importance and use of technology remain alike for everyone. These top 5 technology bloggers in Delhi picture Technology in the smoothest sense:

Ashish Sinha


Do you want to stretch the reach for your technology start-up? Then nexbigwhat has got you covered, Ashish’s blog not only publishes the latest digital market updates, but his team also profiles new potential startups.

Since 2007 his posts have been helping its readers with their queries and unwinding the facts you will be keen to learn.

Surendra Dhote


His blog, ‘The Porsche’ founded in 2018, is not only his credit but a chain as well to contribute their work for a worldwide readership. Surendra is a neuromarketing specialist who started a technical news publication after graduating from Germany. With his immense knowledge of the field, his blogs are phenomenal among readers and purpose electronics, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology in the understandable way possible.

Harsh Agarwal


Harsh calls himself an accidental blogger as it was a leg injury that had him slipped towards blogging and discovered his love for writing. He quit his job in information technology to pursue blogging as a full-time career that turns out to be the best decision of his life; his blog “Shoutmeloud” stands number one in the Indian market and generates significant digits in renew letting him live his life as an entrepreneur.

Shoutmeloud specializes in technology, WordPress, and digital marketing as well; the site satisfies reader’s interest, so if you are a techno-geek, be sure to follow him.

Jaspal Singh


Jaspal Singh, a mechanical engineer who loves computers and spends almost his entire day on the screen coding, designing and writing fascinating blogs. In October 2009, he launched save delete, an all-in-one blog Channel mainly influenced by his interest in technology. He is now a professional blogger simplifying tech for those who find it complex; a readability test is if ran on his writing would mark his work as the easiest yet the most engaging one.

Amit Bhawani


A guy who mastered SEO in less than a year, Amit Bhawani is India’s top blogger making the internet handy for his clients with his tremendous SEO and content writing services. Initially, he encountered several sites connected with web mastering in search of making money online, which he later mastered to start his blog. – a blog trusted by its user for every electronic or technical purchase they make. Not only advice, from website designing and hosting solutions, SEO, content writing to relationship advice as well, but Amit also holds you back. So get to him for about any niggle you stumble upon online.


Technology bloggers come along with digitalization, providing the readers with a better sense of the electronics and software in this era of machines and MacBooks.

Their efforts and skills display a clear picture of the virtual world; the existence of these bloggers showcases the whole data, just a click away.

Don’t buy an excited mobile or download any malware; follow these top technology bloggers in Delhi to stay updated.

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