Do you know what the disadvantage of Spendthrift IAS is?

Know about spendthrift IAS

Well talking about spendthrift IAS, so now in the 21st century, I think every single person is becoming spendthrift. Whether he or she is in the private or the public sector. For example, let’s take spendthrift IAS. Wasting money without thinking about the future makes an IAS a spendthrift. It will not only make him waste the money but also decrease their capability, power, and opportunity to serve the nation properly. IAS should know how to utilize their rights and power effectively.

What makes them a Spendthrift IAS?

But here the real question comes, instead of having a handsome income, great facilities, and power, what makes them a spendthrift IAS? What is the reason that gives the tag of a spendthrift to an IAS?

So many reasons make them spendthrift, they become lazy and greedy and invest the public funds for their needs or involve in the corruption that makes them waste the money. Instead of utilizing it for the nation and public well-being, they use it for their needs, for a more luxurious life. Everybody wants to live a luxurious life, not a decent one. The selfishness makes them a spendthrift IAS.

How does it impact the nation’s cause of spendthrift IAS?

Because of spendthrift IAS, the nation gets impacted, no betterment of the individual, rising of the evil activities, no safety and increase in the rates of corruption, disruption of the policies. The public rights get vanished, rising of the criminal activities and it makes the situation difficult for the general public.

Because of the spendthrift activities by IAS, first and foremost the public suffers. Instead of the development of the nation, the administration gets affected. IAS duties include the welfare of the nation and helping the public in all the terms, and inappropriately spending money makes them spendthrift leads to falling of the nation.

Impact on the life of spendthrift IAS

So the cause of the spendthrift IAS not only affects the nation and public but also affects the life of an IAS. We all know how it difficult is to become an IAS officer; one has to clear the UPSC examination, which considers being one of the difficult exams to clear. It’s not easy. After qualifying UPSC exam, one becomes the IAS officer. So once the IAS becomes a spendthrift their motto for serving the nation gets vanished. All the hard work will be of no use once they misuse their power and money.

How can remove the tag of spendthrift IAS?

So better to not be a spendthrift IAS, and use the power and public funds in a better and more effective way that will serve the nation outstanding, and makes them give a better life.

So at last an IAS should know how to use their power, for the betterment of the nation. They should know what will give the public a better life. This will not only make the life of the public better but also an IAS officer’s life. Instead of spendthrift IAS, they should be called Worthy IAS.

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