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Mexican Senate President Ana Lilia Rivera Ties Rakhi to PM Modi at P20 Summit

New Delhi (India), 13/10/2023: In a gesture that underscores the enduring bonds of friendship and diplomacy, Ana Lilia Rivera, the President of the Mexican Senate, tied a Rakhi to Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the P20 Summit held in Delhi. This heartwarming exchange between the Mexican leader and the Indian Prime Minister not only symbolizes a celebration of shared values and camaraderie but also highlights the global respect and trust that Modi has earned.

India and Mexico have maintained a steadfast and harmonious relationship marked by mutual comprehension, burgeoning bilateral trade, and comprehensive collaboration across various sectors.

Both nations are significant emerging economies, sharing common socio-economic development objectives and challenges. They both uphold democratic principles, maintain secular and pluralistic systems, and possess closely aligned worldviews, as affirmed by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, characterizing the G20 Parliamentary Speakers’ Summit (P20) as a significant gathering of parliamentary practices, emphasized on Friday that legislative bodies serve as vital arenas for debate and deliberation.

Speaking at the Yashobhoomi during the ninth P20 Summit in the national capital, Prime Minister Modi remarked, “This summit is a ‘mahakumbh’ as it represents a convergence of parliamentary practices of the world. India landed on the Moon and hosted the G20 Summit successfully. Today, we are hosting the P20 Summit. This summit is also a platform to celebrate the power of the people of the world’s largest democracy (India).”

“We feel privileged to be hosting the ninth P20 Summit in India. We represent a country, which is the mother of democracy and the world’s largest as well. Parliaments or legislative bodies across the world are important places for holding discussions and debates,” he added.

At a recent press briefing, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla announced that in addition to the G20 nations, ten other countries and international organizations will join the P20 Summit. To date, over 50 Parliamentarians and 14 Secretary Generals have confirmed their participation, including 26 Presidents, 10 Vice Presidents, one Committee Chairman, and the President of the IPU.

The event saw the participation of distinguished speakers and delegation heads representing a diverse group of nations, including Indonesia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Spain, the European Parliament, Italy, South Africa, Russia, Turkey, Nigeria, Australia, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Japan, Egypt, and Bangladesh.

The schedule for the first day of the 9th G20 Parliamentary Speakers’ Summit (P20) and Parliamentary Forum comprises two distinct sessions scheduled for Friday.

The initial session focuses on ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future’ and delves into the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). During this segment, participants will spotlight accomplishments and expedite advancements toward these crucial objectives.

The next segment will focus on ‘One Earth Sustainable Energy Transition: Opening the Door to a Green Future.’

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