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Two Little Heroes of Gaur City 2, 14th Avenue: A Heartwarming Pigeon Rescue Adventure

In the heart of Gaur City 2, 14th Avenue, a tale unfolded, unnoticed by many but touched by the innocence and compassion of two kids’ brother and sister. Today, as I went about my day, a peculiar sound emanated from my balcony. Initially ignoring it, the persistent noise beckoned my curiosity, compelling me to search the source.

To my surprise, behind my washing machine, I found a small pigeon in distress. Moved by empathy, I called upon my children for quick assistance. While my daughter rushed from inside the room, my son Ashish, engrossed in play in the garden, quickly joined. Upon closer inspection, we realized the pigeon’s leg was entangled with hair, causing it pain.

In a swift response to the situation, my daughter Shreeja and Son Ashish sprang into action, crafting an impromptu rescue plan. With the assistance of our building’s guard, they gently removed the hair entangling the pigeon’s leg. Proceeding with a touch of first aid, they applied a soothing medicinal cream.

Two Little Heroes of Gaur City 2, 14th Avenue: A Heartwarming Pigeon Rescue Adventure

Throughout his recovery, my children have affectionately named the pigeon ‘Kubu.’ They consistently address him by this endearing moniker while diligently providing him with rice grains and water. Moreover, my younger daughter sweetly serenades him with lullabies, creating a peaceful environment for Kubu to rest.

However, there’s a persistent optimism that, over time, Kubu will recover his strength and actively participate in nourishing himself. This heartening rescue not only resolved the entangled hair issue with his leg but also created a profound connection between compassionate hearts and a newfound feathered companion.

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