‘Terrorism will not prevail’ Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Stands with Israel: UK’s Solidarity Amid Escalating Conflict

The escalating conflict in Israel has drawn international attention and concern, with leaders from around the world offering their support and condemnation of the violence. Among them is Rishi Sunak Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, who spoke out in solidarity with Israel in the wake of recent events.

Over the past 36 hours, Israel has witnessed scenes that have left the world horrified. As rockets rained down and violence escalated, Mr. Prime Minister took a stand to express his unwavering support for Israel and its people.

I want to express my absolute solidarity for the people of Israel,” Rishi Sunak declared firmly. “Now is not a time for equivocation. And I’m unequivocal. Hamas and the people who support Hamas are fully responsible for this appalling act of terror, the murder of civilians, and the kidnapping of innocent people, including children.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom’s statement reflects the grave concern shared by many around the world as innocent lives continue to be affected by the violence in the region.

In a display of international cooperation, Sunak also spoke directly to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to convey the United Kingdom’s steadfast support. He assured Prime Minister Netanyahu that the UK stands with Israel as it defends itself against these appalling attacks.

Sunak concluded his statement with a resolute message: “Terrorism will not prevail.” The United Kingdom remains committed to assisting in any way possible to help bring an end to the violence and promote peace in the region.

As the conflict in Israel continues, the international community watches closely, hoping for a swift resolution and an end to the suffering experienced by all those affected by the violence.

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