‘Shame on Star Sports’ Is Trending in India, Know the Whole Reason!

Indian cricket team captain Rohit Sharma has been delivering outstanding performances in the ICC World Cup 2023. Leading the team with excellence, he guided Team India to become the first to reach the semi-finals. However, despite his remarkable achievements, Rohit’s fans find themselves disappointed with Star Sports, and we’ll explore the reasons behind this discontent.

Controversy: #Shame On Star Sports Trend Grips India

Indian cricket fans are expressing their disappointment with Star Sports as the hashtag #ShameOnStarSports trends across the country. The reason behind this uproar is Star Sports allegedly sidelining Rohit Sharma and excessively promoting Virat Kohli. While the nation rallies behind Team India in their World Cup journey, supporters criticize the channel for focusing on individual achievements and lifestyle content related to Kohli, neglecting the collective efforts of the entire team. This approach is perceived as disrespectful to both the nation and the hardworking players dedicated to bringing glory. Calls for a reassessment of the channel’s content strategy are gaining momentum.

Shame On Star Sports: Fans Upset Over Player Bias

Cricket fans in India are upset with Star Sports, and they are using the hashtag #ShameOnStarSports to show their feelings. Some fans are comparing this situation to the 2011 World Cup when Gautam Gambhir’s hard work was not highlighted the only focus was MS Dhoni. Now, they think Star Sports is doing the same thing with Rohit Sharma, giving more attention to Virat Kohli. People on social media are criticizing this, saying that it’s not fair to focus only on one player instead of the whole team. The #ShameOnStarSports is getting popular as fans want fair treatment for all players in the current cricket events.

Upcoming match

Their upcoming match is against the Netherlands on Sunday, November 12, 2023, at 2:00 PM in Bengaluru. If they perform well, they will move on to the semifinals, with the first one scheduled for November 15 in Mumbai and the second one on November 16 in Kolkata. The final match, which is on November 19, will take place in Ahmedabad. Fans are eagerly waiting to see if India can make it to the finals and possibly win the World Cup.

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