New Delhi Witnesses Breathtaking Lunar Eclipse 2023

In the midnight hours of October 28-29, the last lunar eclipse of 2023 unfolded, gracing the skies with its celestial allure. This remarkable event wasn’t confined to India alone; its breathtaking display extended across multiple continents and oceans, as stargazers in Australia, Europe, North America, South America, Asia, the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic, the Southern Pacific Ocean, and even the Arctic and Antarctica were treated to this extraordinary lunar spectacle.

Post-Eclipse Rituals: Restoring Positivity and Purity

In accordance with scriptural traditions, eclipses are not considered auspicious. To cleanse your surroundings and spirit after the eclipse, follow these steps:

1. Ganga Water Purification:

After the eclipse concludes, sprinkle Ganga water throughout your home. This purifying act helps dispel any negative energy.

2. Purifying Bath

Take a bath to cleanse yourself physically and spiritually, leaving behind any lingering eclipse energy.

3. Worship and Sanctify:

Once you’re clean, proceed to worship God and sanctify your place of worship with Ganga water. This act restores the sanctity of your sacred space.

4. Acts of Charity:

In line with tradition, consider making charitable donations. This virtuous gesture serves as a way to spread positivity and blessings after the eclipse.

These post-eclipse rituals are intended to bring renewed positivity and purity into your life, dispelling any lingering negativity.

Commencement of the Final Lunar Eclipse in 2023

The last lunar eclipse of the year has initiated its celestial journey. The eclipse will reach its zenith at 01:05 pm, casting its influence across various regions of the country. This lunar spectacle is set to last approximately 1 hour and 19 minutes before concluding at 2:24 am.

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