From Daily Worker to Asian Games Medallist: Ram Babu’s Inspiring Journey

Ram Babu’s story is one of relentless determination and unwavering spirit. At just 24 years old, this young man from Uttar Pradesh has achieved something extraordinary, winning the bronze medal in the 35-kilometer race walk mixed event, alongside Manju Rani, at the Asian Games.

But what makes his journey even more remarkable is where he began. Ram was once a waiter, trying to make ends meet in the face of crushing poverty. It was the harsh realities of his daily life that pushed him to take up sports as a way out, as a glimmer of hope.

Ram’s transition to race walking wasn’t a straightforward one. After suffering a knee injury during the pandemic, he had to give up running, which had been his initial passion. To support his family, Ram became a laborer under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. His job involved toiling on construction sites, working tirelessly under the scorching sun, earning a meager sum of just 300 rupees a day.

Despite these challenging circumstances, Ram didn’t give up on his dreams. He continued to train, fueled by the unwavering belief of his coaches who saw his incredible potential. Their support and guidance were instrumental in shaping his journey from a laborer to an Asian Games medallist.

Ram’s incredible achievement at the Asian Games isn’t just a victory for himself; it’s also a testament to his promise to his mother. Inspired by this unsung hero’s determination and resilience, he has made a name for himself, proving that dreams can be realized even in the face of adversity.

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