‘Fourth Umpire Is Wrong’: Angelo Mathews Shares Video Proof, Claims He Was Wrongly Given Timed Out Against Bangladesh

Angelo Mathews shared video proof to dispute his ‘timed out’ decision in the World Cup 2023 match against Bangladesh at Arun Jaitley Stadium in New Delhi on November 6. Mathews stated, “4th umpire is wrong here! Video evidence shows I still had 5 more seconds even after the helmet gave away! Can the 4th umpire rectify this please? I mean safety is paramount as I just couldn’t face the bowler without a helmet.”

Tense Dispute Over Timed Out Decision

The video displayed a gap of less than two minutes between Sadeera Samarawickrama’s dismissal and Mathews’ helmet trouble. Despite this, fourth umpire Adrian Holdstock argued that two minutes had already elapsed when Mathews encountered the helmet issue. This dispute led to heated exchanges between the Bangladesh and Sri Lankan players. Mathews persisted in referring to his dismissal while Bangladesh was batting.

Angelo Mathews posted a video on Twitter as proof for his timed-out dismissal, stating, “proof! From the time the catch was taken to the moment the helmet strap came off.”

Angelo Mathews Receives Strong Support from Fans

Angelo Mathews has garnered immense support from his fans following the ‘timed out’ dismissal controversy. Fans express their solidarity with Mathews, lauding his stance. One supporter remarks, “You are right Mathews,” while another appreciates the Sri Lankan players’ decision not to shake hands with the Bangladeshi team after the match. The Twitter thread continues to grow as fans rally behind Mathews, with one declaring, “You’ve been a class act today, Angie! @Angelo69Mathews, we are with you. @ICC & @Sah75official made a mistake today 👎🏽🤬.”

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