Covid update: Australia criminalizes arrivals from India; Delhi’s oxygen crisis

The crisis of oxygen in Delhi! This is unfortunate news. You all must have heard about it. Right! All the sufferers over there are in a very pathetic situation. But have you heard about the news related to Australian citizens and Covid? The Government has announced the return of Australian citizens from India to Australia, completely illegal for some time. You may wonder Why. Right! The reason is the critical situation in India due to Coronavirus.

It may be the first time Australians will be given the tag of “criminals” if they try to return their home in Australia from India in this covid situation. This is evident according to the reports of Australian Media.

Well, you might be knowing that all the flights from India to Australia have been banned since last week. It has been observed that a total of 9000 Australians are in India under this pandemic situation. It is sad to know that 600 of them are already in bad condition due to Covid. Can anyone ever imagine such a pathetic situation in this world? Never, Right!

Let us understand the situation by an example:

An Australian citizen Mandeep Sharma went to India last month after his father’s death to attend his funeral. We can understand that he had genuine reasons for his departure to India. But now, he is not able to come back to his family in Australia due to such a decision of the Government. His two daughters and wife are there all alone in Australia. They can not even take the breath of relief in Australia without Mandeep. Well, it is not possible under this horrified pandemic situation of India.

You must have heard that about 36000 flights were in government help to carry Australians from India to their home. But this strategy didn’t serve as a permanent solution. So they went on reducing the flights from India to Australia. Earlier the quarantine program was there in Australia. But according to them, the current strategy would work better than before.

But the good news is due to so many strict rules and regulations in Australia, the number of infected people is negligible and under control. The decision of the Government is relevant to save all the people currently residing in Australia. India is burning in the pain of covid, Australia has managed to keep the full situation under control.

But have you heard about the news of Tennis stars being allowed to return home even in this Covid situation? Well, the fact is true. And this is another reason for which many Australians in India are heartbroken for such an allowance. Why? Because at the end of the day, all the Australians are far away from their close ones for a long time.

But it can be hoped that very soon covid will come under control in India. And all the flights will make normal arrival and people will come out of their quarantine situation.

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