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Top Health & Fitness Blogger in Delhi/NCR

Health and Fitness are two unavoidable elements that are needed to dwell a satisfying life. Indeed, Fitness translates to fortune, which is why it must be taken care of as a priority.

With the fast-food cycles broadening, it occasionally becomes difficult to withstand that cheese and the chocolate. However, in this unhealthy era, a few people who follow a proper diet are no less motivated.

We are here discussing the health and fitness influencers.

The influencers give rise to a mark in the marketing sphere of influencers and have organized a new sector altogether. They’ve had motivating tales which have encouraged them to prefer health and Fitness as the adequate opportunity. With good social media outlets, they establish important content and create their digital existence with absolute efficiency. The influencers are ruling the online domain and are outlining some main fitness objectives for the readers.

The capital city of the country, Delhi, dwellings some of the promising fitness influencers whose performance is striking and worthy of appreciation. So, here is a catalog of the leading health influencers in the capital city who didn’t leave any stone unturned to encourage the population across the nation.

Here are the five top Health & Fitness Bloggers in Delhi




Gaurav has 629k followers on Instagram. He is a health freak, nutritionist, pilot, YouTuber, and content creator. Gaurav is one of the relatively few folks who efficiently managed his passion and livelihood.




Rohit Khatri Instagram update is 332K followers. Paving the path to the population’s courage through his potential anecdotes is Rohit Khatri, a certified athletics science nutritionist. He has nearly 76K subscribers on YouTube, which is an outcome of his health and fitness commitment.




Rajesh Monga Instagram followers are around 253K. A champion of several titles, a renowned trainer, and a fitness adviser, Rajesh Monga is boundless. He has earned the Mr. India title four bits a row and has won Mr. Asia’s title after that.



Rashmi Rai Instagram followers are around 209K. Rashmi Raj is a hardcore health freak who is supremely appreciated for the accomplishments she establishes in Gym. By showcasing a lovely persona and bringing about her, every action count, her Instagram worthy of all applause.





Radhika nose Instagram followers are 164K. Bose is a lifestyle blogger and a yoga practitioner. She has been dealing her fitness anecdotes with her followers now and has been triumphant in benefiting people to be their nicest through practicing yoga.


The list is endless, no doubt, but the personalities mentioned above make sure to impart health and fitness-related tips with their followers to benefit from the same. Fitness is an essential part of dwelling a healthful lifestyle in this hard-hustling life, including eating healthy nutrition. If you are also a health devotee and have an inspiring story that gave rise to your direction to Fitness as faith, then you have the strength to improve lives by starting a career in it.

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