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Harmful Effects of Hair Oiling

Most people will just laugh at the thought of harmful effects of hair oil. But in reality, we all know that hair oil is a danger for our health. Hair oil can cause hair loss, trigger dandruff, clogged follicles and even pimples. So it is wise to be careful with your hair oil.

First of all, you need to remember that Harmful hair oil is supposed to be applied on wet hair only. This means that it should not be used on dry hair. Hair dryers are dangerous because they expose the scalp to high temperatures which can cause burning sensations and eventually damage. In fact, most hair dryers are not recommended for use by women since their hair can become damaged easily.

Before applying hair oil, you have to make sure that it is totally clean. Even if it is natural or herbal, you still have to be extra careful. You have to look at the ingredients. The ingredients should be natural and safe. Some brands may use harsh chemicals, which can cause skin irritation. Look for those brands that use organic ingredients.

Take note that not all oils contain the same ingredients. Some of them might be too strong for your hair. Remember that the stronger the ingredients are, the greater the risk that your hair could get damaged. If possible, choose hair oil that contains a small amount of essential oils.

There are also some herbal oils that are dangerous to use. These include bay and basil oils. Aside from being very strong, these oils can also cause reddening and drying of the hair. For example, tea tree oil can cause your hair to turn grey and even cause baldness if it is applied continuously. But since it is also an antibiotic, it can also kill bacteria on the scalp. Therefore, tea tree oil is not good to apply on your hair.

It would also be better to purchase hair cleansers that have natural ingredients. You can search the internet to find products that are gentle to the hair. Choosing the right product will prevent any damages on the hair. You can also consider using shampoos that are mild. Make sure that the shampoo does not contain alcohol. This is one of the most common causes of hair loss since it dries out the hair.

Aside from the proper use of oil, it is also important to take a balanced diet. Eating the right kind of foods will make your health better. This includes drinking enough water as well as avoiding junk food. Aside from drinking water, you should also eat foods rich in protein such as eggs and whole milk. You should also avoid eating fatty foods and fried food. Fatty foods can increase oiliness in the body, so you should avoid them.

Hair oil can also cause hair loss if you repeatedly use it. If this happens, you should take it off and wash your hair with shampoo instead. There are also some oil-free shampoos available in the market nowadays. When choosing your shampoo and hair oil, make sure that it is the right product for your hair type.

Aside from using shampoos and hair oil, you can also use heat protection products such as heat spray. This can prevent the hair from being damaged by the sun. Some people who do not want to put anything on their hair may still use these products. You should note that the ingredients of heat protection products are different from hair oil. There are also some products that have DHT-like ingredients which are more dangerous than oil.

Taking care of your hair is just as important as taking care of your body. Aside from the effects of oil on hair, there are also some harmful substances that it contains. One of these substances is dioxane. It has been shown that this substance causes several health problems including cancer. Therefore, if you use hair oil or any product that contains dioxin, you should immediately consult your doctor so you can prevent further damage to your body.

There are also some negative effects of hair oil that you need to be aware of. If not used properly, it can also cause hair loss. If the product is left on the hair for a long time, it may also clog the pores of the scalp. This may result to an inflammation that will lead to the formation of spots.

To conclude, there are some harmful effects of hair oil but it is still one of the best products that can help you keep your hair healthy. Just remember to use it wisely and to buy hair oil that has mild ingredients. You can also consider using heat protection products aside from hair oil. You should also be careful in choosing the type of hair you would like to keep. Keep in mind that a good head of hair is healthy hair.

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