Top 10 Sainik Schools in Delhi

Many of you may be interested in admitting your child to Sainik Schools. So you can think of their admission to Sainik Schools Delhi. Yes, Delhi is one of the ideal places to study at some best Sainik schools. But unfortunately, people do not have accurate information regarding the best Sainik Schools in Delhi. This blog will provide you the best possible information about the same. It will help you to make the correct decision for your child.

So why Sainik Schools? Sainik schools are ideal for making your child physically and mentally strong. It enables him to take admission to the National Defense Academy. Sainik school society, under Sainik School society managed by the Ministry of Finance, supervises the Sainik schools.

Here are the best Sainik schools in Delhi:

Sainik Vidya Academy

This is first on the list of top Sainik schools in Delhi. They aim to provide quality education to the students regarding entrance examinations. If you want to take admission to boarding schools like Navodaya school, Military school, Mayo college Ajmer and other boarding schools, this academy is ideal. The teacher here has years of experience in this field. They are dedicated to solving every doubt of individual students. Map

 Army public school

Have you heard about the Indian Army Public School? This army school is also a part of this group. This school is supervised by the Indian Army and is managed by the Indian Army Welfare Education Society’s highly experienced personnel. Their tips for cracking entrance exams are result-oriented.

Dabad Academy for Military school, Sainik school & RIMC

This school is one of the renowned Sainik schools in Delhi. The teachers of this school provide education for written exams and all tips and tricks to crack interviews. Students are delighted with their style of teaching.

Shaurya Sainik School

This school is counted as fourth on the list of renowned Sainik schools in Delhi. Parents can expect a high-quality education for their children in this Sainik school. The teaching faculty of this school works hard for the upliftment of a student’s overall personality.

Sainik School Coaching in Delhi

This CBSE-affiliated Sainik school boosts students for their bright careers. Their infrastructure is well designed. If you want admission for class VI, your child has to be 10 or 11 years old. While for class IX, your son has to be 13 or 14 years old. You can follow their website for further admission procedures.

RKD Sainik School Rohtak

This school is sixth on the list of excellent Sainik schools, Delhi. They teach students how to become physically and mentally strong. They aim to make the base education of every Sainik student strong enough to deal with every challenge.

Army Public School Delhi Cantt

This school is in the seventh number on the list of best Sainik School, Delhi. This school is again an army school managed and supervised by the elderly and experienced people of the Indian Army Welfare Education Society. The name itself suggests the school is situated in the Delhi Cantt area, India. This school has been in existence since 1989. And they are running successfully, teaching about 3700 students.

New Sainik senior secondary School

This school is another well-known Sainik school in Delhi for the high-class education of students. The teachers of this school devote a lot of effort to every student. Special attention is given to individual students. Students love the atmosphere of teaching as well.

Sainik Harsh Convent School

This school is another Sainik school in the capital city highly preferred by parents. The infrastructure and atmosphere are very student-friendly.

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sainik Vihar

This school is a renowned Sainik school in Delhi. The teachers here are highly efficient. It is a school affiliated with CBSE, and they started their journey in 1985.

So Sainik school is very important for a disciplined life. And you can try for admission to these Sainik schools for your child’s standard education.

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